Eco Warriors Class Presentations

This week the students have been presenting their class presentations to the grade.

Students worked on these presentations at home and a lot of work went into them.

IMG_0275 IMG_0277 IMG_0276 IMG_0278


Murphy Video 1

over hunting Leo

Deforestation entries Harry

What did you enjoy about the presentations?

Which one do you think was the most creative?



Summarising- Chapter Summaries

The last two weeks the we have been working on summarising.

A summary is a shortened version of the original text which includes all the main ideas and important details. You must be able to:

  • Identify the main idea/s.
  • Use key information- words, facts and phrases.
  • Take notes.
  • Retell a shortened version of the text in your own words.

An easy way to summarise is to use ‘Somebody, wanted, but, then, so’ to give an overview of what has been read.

Picture 2

Together as a grade we have read “Brocky’s Bananagram” by David Metzenthen. We worked on a ‘Matchbox chapter summaries” for each chapter read. Students had to summarise the main idea of the chapter and draw a picture to match. This was displayed in a folder.

Chapter Summaries 1

Chapter Summaries 2

Chapter Summaries 3

What have you enjoyed about chapter summaries?

What do you think the message is in the book?

What was your favourite part of Brocky’s Bananagram?


Multicultural Art Walk

Last Friday 7th August the whole school participated in a multicultural art walk. This gave everyone an opportunity to see what other grades have been working on in their Art classes with Mrs Petersen. 4C studied Mexico and learnt about Ojo de Dios (which is Spanish for “eye of God”). 4C made “God’s eyes”. These were originally made to place on altars so the gods would protect and watch over those who prayed at the altar.


Featured Artwork:

1A African Necklaces- Kenya

1B Aztec Calendar Stone- Mexico

1/2C Kente Cloth- Ghana- West Africa

2A Matryoshka Dolls- Russia

2B Kokeshi Doll- Japan

3A Paper Molas- Kuna Indians

3B Day of the Dead- Mexico

3C Totem Poles- North America

4A Henna Hands- India

4B Egyptian Art- Egypt

4C Ojo de Dios- Mexico

5A Mandalas- India

5B African Masks- Africa

5C Aboriginal Art- Australia

6A Origami- Japan

6B Notan- Japan

What was your favourite type of artwork and why?

What did you learn during the art walk?

What are your strengths in art?


Indonesian Day

Indonesian pic

Yesterday the whole school participated in Indonesian Day at school.

Indonesian is our specialist LOTE subject. Our wonderful Indonesian teacher Bu Wall planned a series of fun and engaging activities. These included:

  • Kite making
  • Creating puppets
  • Participating in Indonesian dancing
  • Learning about Indonesian music
  • Playing outdoor Indonesian games
  • Making and using jump ropes
  • Sampling traditional Indonesian fruits
  • Tasting Mie Goreng

It was wonderful to see so many student dress up for the occasion.

What was your favourite thing about Indonesian Day?



Persuasive Texts

For the past two weeks we have been working on how to write a persuasive text.

Persuasive writing is a type of non-fiction writing used to convince the reader to agree with the author about an issue. The author will rely heavily on facts to express their opinion, and use them in an argumentative type of writing style.

We have immerged ourselves into a variety of persuasive texts and we have paid a lot of attention to the language used.

Language features of persuasive texts:

  • Use mainly the present tense.
  • Use logical and cause and effect connectives.
  • Use emotive language.
  • Use technical language.Picture1
  • Use rhetorical questions.
  • Dare the reader to disagree.
  • Try to make opinions sound like facts.
  • Use powerful verbs and strong adjectives.

We have practised our skills by writing a planning and persuasive text on one of these topics:

  • Barwon Heads is the best to live..
  • The best pet to have is a …
  • The best book in the world is …

What have you learnt about writing a persuasive text?

What do you enjoy writing persuasive texts?

Can you think of a interesting persuasive text you could write about?







Term 3 Inquiry Topic

Eco Warriors This term we are focusing on sustainability and the environment. We have been doing some research into environmental issues through BTN stories.

This week students will be choosing a topic that they would like to investigate further throughout the term and become an expert on it.

Can you share an interesting fact about the environmental issue that you have researched through BTN.

What role do you currently play in helping the environment? Can you be doing more?

What does the phrase, “Every individual matters, every action counts” mean to you?


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Welcome to our New Blog

Welcome to our class blog 4C from Barwon Heads Primary School.

We finally have our own class blog! YAY!!!

We are looking forward to share our learning with you.


What are you looking forward to seeing on our class blog?

What are your goals for term 3?