Cyber Safety Expo

On Thursday 24th March the grade 4’s were invited to a Cyber Safety Expo in the grade 6 rooms. The grade 6 students had spent a large part of their  inquiry time in Term 1 planning and organising the expo.

The grade six students displayed a vast array of information about the importance of cyber safety and how you can protect yourself online.

What was your highlight of the Cyber Safety Expo?

What new information did you learn about?

What was your favourite display? Why? 

Cross Country

On Thursday 17th March the whole school competed in the cross country at village park.

We had an early snack at 10.30 before heading down in our house groups at 11am. Everyone tried their hardest and were very supportive of others in their houses.

We arrived back at school tired but satisfied we had tried our best.





What was your highlight of the cross country?


Welcome to Grade 4 2016

We have survived the first few weeks and during this time we have learnt all about what grade 4 is like. We were anxiously awaiting on our ipads to be connected to the network, which thankfully they now have.

We have focused on getting to know one another and revisiting You Can Do It keys to success that we will be using throughout the year.

What have you enjoyed so far in grade 4?

What are you looking forward to this year?

4C Concert Performance


4C students have been working hard on their performances for the school concert. Our dance teacher Bec has been working with us for the last 6 weeks. Our two songs are called “Shark Tale” and “Under the Sea”.

The theme for the night was Night at the Museum when the animals come to life. We were dressed up as sharks with Fins on our backs.

There was lots of nerves but on the night we performed exceptionally well.


Well done 4C!!!


What was your highlight of the night?

What other grades performance did you enjoy and why?


Grade 4 Camp 2015

This week the grade 4s finally went on our school camp to Angelsea. We were very excited on Monday and couldn’t wait to get there.

After getting all our gear on the bus we headed off and had a stop at Torquay park for a play and something to eat.

Finally we arrived at Camp Wilkin in Angelsea. Everybody noticed straight away all the outdoor activities they could do such as the trampolines, playground and in the games room.

Our first thing we did was meet Megan and the other people in charge of the camp. We watched a short video about camp, the things that we could do and how we looked after the camp.

It was then time to unpack our things in our cabins, before getting started on our activities. Our first set of activities included a bike ride, initiatives, leap of faith and climbing.

Dinner was the next major event and we had chicken schnitzels with vegetables and ice cream and topping with anzac slice for dessert.

After dinner it was time for the night walk before bedtime.

Day 2

After a yummy breakfast we were off to finish our rotations from day 1.

After morning tea our rotations changed and we were now doing archery, flying fox, orienteering and the low ropes course.

By the end everyone was very tired and looking forward to our dinner which was spaghetti  bolognaise with garlic bread and for dessert it was chocolate mousse.

Then it was time for the disco before heading off to bed very tired.

Day 3

After another yummy breakfast it was time to pack our bags and headed off for a walk to the beach and activities.

We finished off the day with a barbecue lunch before heading back to school tired after an enjoyable camp.

Links are below for videos from our disco.





What was the best experience you had at camp?

What were some of your highlights of camp?

If you were to go on camp again what would you do differently?

What did you learn about by going on camp?

Smooth Moves

This term during Inquiry times we are studying forces and movement. We will be looking at push and pull,  friction, gravity, magnets and catapults.



What are you looking forward to learning about and doing  in our inquiry unit?


4C Poetry

4C has been working the last few weeks on writing poetry.

These are a few of our early examples of what we have done so far.

BIRDS – By Logan

I can hear the birds chirp,

It’s like a big burp.

They’re only small ,

With a big call.


I can hear the flapping,

It’s like a crowd clapping.

They’re looking for food,

To give to their dude.


They are so fluffy,

So not like Chucky.

They are so hot,

Like a Summers pot.

BIRDS – By Zeb

 I hear some birds chirp,

and some slurp,

It’s so very wonderful,

and they’re all very colourful,

They sit by the pond,

and have a special bond,

I would be happy if I was them,

because they’re like a gem.

 BALLS – By Skye

Lots and lots of bouncing balls,

Going up and down the walls.

My friend rolled a ball under my feet,

Now I’m falling down the street.

I go past heaps of houses,

While thinking how the ball bounces.

Ohh I want this to end,

Because I’m going around the bend.


The whip of the snip of the whipper snipper

whips up and down the green greasy grass

girls grip their granny’s arm,

Grandpa grips the whipper snipper.

Flying grass grips the air,

then disappears thin and bare.

Cricket – By M. J. Moulton

In the sport cri-i-icket,

you are supposed to get wickets,

by bowling the batter, or making them snick it

Pace bowlers bowl fast and spinners flick it


When you’re batting you’ll get sixes and fours,

Doubles and singles and much, much more,

The bat is hard and the ball will soar,

When the bowler bowls wides it can be a bore.

BASKETBALL – By Fletcher

Basketball is a bad sport,

It’s so bad I want to snort.

I can’t stand the sound,

I want to live in a termite mound.

Oh my gosh I’m so happy,

But I’m not that clappy.

NATURE – By Charlie

Birds chirping teaching babies to fly,

Butterflies flapping their wings,

Bees collecting pollen off their families,

Kids ruining their habitats one by one,

The erosion falling on the helpless and injured bees,

Then a little kid sees this horrible destruction,

Older kids bulldozing these places that use to be homes,

But the healthy bees buzz through,

Butterflies slowly flapping their wings down,

Birds soar through the sky,

The kids are running like a Cheetah,

Now the place was nothing but rubble,

The animals all thank the boy,

Back to work they go!

BIRDS – By Otis

There goes a bird, that’s what I heard.

What’s the magic word, the magic word is bird.

You hear it chirp here now there you hear it chirp everywhere.

Up they fly high or low? Who knows?

They glide over a house and grab a Mouse.

There feathers so, so fluffy and really puffy.

They come to land, to listen to a band.

Then they swoop to the chicken coop.

Now their beak is so, so weak.

They’ve had enough flying and now have to say goodbye.

BALLS – By Will

I hear the balls bounce on the court

It sounds like the dark lord Voldemort

The sound of the balls is a very loud noise

From the sound of the very loud girls and boys

The size of the gym is a very big house

A house for a very big 5 metre mouse

BIRDS – By Harry

I sat peacefully on the grasses,

In the wind the birds sound passes,

The birds sound is a loud EERRPP!EERRPP!

The sound feeling like more than a little cheep,

The world feeling like a fantasy,

Like a wizards piece of sorcery,

The gym transforming to a castle,

Full of people in a happy bustle,

A speeding car looks like a dragon

Pulling a wagon,

The sun starts a brighter shining,

As if on the grass it will be dining.


Uncle Greg is

Thin and bare

he drinks Coke

And eats chocolate eclairs.

His house is grey

but dull with nothing

Much but a piece

of cake and an empty can of Coke.


The whipper snipper

It’s like a chainsaw cutting through trees

But it’s much bigger it might even destroy your keys

You can just hear the cord spinning so fast

If you hit a bug you better hope your dead last

It goes chopping through fields and yards

And it’s louder than playing snap with cards

I hope you liked this piece of text

Look out gardens you are next.

BALLS – By Sara

Dribble dribble

bounce bounce

The balls bounce on the floor,

Some go flying out the door,

Running fast like a wild boar,

careful not to break the law.


The howling wind

Of the desert storm,

The scorching hot

Sand burning your

Feet to dust and dirt.


Bear without animals

For miles and miles,

No water no food,

And your starting to feel like a crood,

it’s harsh and bare,

so only the experts live there.

EARTH – By Evelyn

Earth life

Deep deep

Below the earths Crust.

Children dancing below life and lights

All around

But when the generator fails,

life is gone

everything is quiet

Then life regains

The ground rattling

earth falling in from the roof….

WIND – By Eva

The wind is dancing with the birds

our children of the earth

each day they come they dance all day

the wind will blow the wind chimes

the birds will sing a melody

oh my darling children of the earth

your birth will be remembered by everyone on earth.



Oh how I love how Dolphins play,

I wish I could watch it all day.

Sometimes they jump out for a treat,

It’s so unique.

They seem to always catch the waves,

And hide in the underwater caves.

They swim so fast,

I can’t even swim past.

 The Whipper Snipper – By Tias

Rrrrrr rrrrrr the whipper snipper is coming out,

every ant is taught what it’s about

they come out of the holes

ready to go for the humans soul

up they go climbing through the pants

they see some more ants

they all gather up ready to prance

ouch! says the man running off in tears

the ants say we won time for some beers.

BIRDS – By Ariana

 Small little swallows swooping with their wings,

Flying in the wind.

Little babies in their nests,

Wanting a warm feast.

Small baby bird is falling out…

SWOOP! Saved by its mother!


 Basketball is my favourite sport,

I like the way they dribble up and down the court.

I keep it so fresh on the microphone,

No interruptions when the game is on.

My teachers there sitting on a chair,

The basketball comes into her chair.

There she stares,

Looking like a group of bears.

Worried I am while shes laying there,

I feel so sad, its just not fair.


What have you enjoyed so far about our poetry unit?

What sort of figurative language do you like to see in poems? 

Eco Warriors Exhibition

On Friday 11th September 4C took part in an Eco Warrior Exhibition. We having being learning about the environment and how to become an eco warrior. After some investigation students selected an issue to study further. After selecting their issue students had to come up with an organisation and motto to promote their issue. Students wrote a persuasive text, a picture story book, designed and created a mascot and made up posters to sell their environmental problem. All the grade 4’s took part in an Eco Warrior Exhibition to promote their issue and they hoped to change your behaviours.

4C did an amazing job and should be proud of their efforts. We had almost all the school visit us along with many parents.

Well done 4C!!!

What did you enjoy about the Eco Warrior Exhibition?

Do you think you sold the importance of your environmental issue well? Why? Why not?

What would you do differently next time?

First Aid for Students

On Friday 4th September all students throughout the school took part in a first aid session. The instructor spoke to the students about what is first Aid.

Aid– Help

First– First person on the scene

Some of the other areas covered were:

Prevention is about making areas safe to avoid/prevent accidents.

How to call an ambulance

What to do if you have a blood nose (lean forward for 10 minutes, breathe through mouth, don’t blow nose) and spoke about the importance of “Their blood, their hand”

Importance of keeping cuts clean, run them under water to avoid infection.

Snake bites- lay down, stay perfectly still find a bandage or similar and wrap tightly to stop venom travelling through lymphatic system.


The process of an accident (DRSABCD)

Danger– Check it’s safe for you first

Response– If they respond, they are conscious and can tell you what’s wrong, your details, etc.

Send for help– Stay with the person and send someone to get help. If no one, call 000- NOT 911

Airway– check their airway

Breathing– see if they are breathing

Cardio pulmonary resuscitation– CPR- cardio- heart- pulmonary-lungs- resus- get them going again.

Defibrillation– machine to assist with CPR (if available and you can usually find these in hospitals, ambulance, school office, doctors clinic, service station, lifeguards, swimming pools, large shopping centres and sports clubrooms)

Why do you think its important for students to learn about first aid?

Do you feel more confident helping someone with first aid?

What was the highlight of the session?


Book Week – Dress Up Parade

Last Thursday was Book Week dress up Day. 4C Students went to a lot of effort to come dressed up as their favourite character from a book. We had Roald Dahl characters, Harry Potter, cricketers, sportsmen, Bob the builder and many others. After the parade all students took part in a activity with their house groups.

4C students winning book for grade was “The Stone Lion” by Margaret Wild

This was closely followed by “Fire” by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

Book Week 2015 4C– Link to photo Slideshow


What was your favourite book?

What character did you come dressed as?

The best part of the day was…..?