Book Week Parade 2016

On Thursday 25th August the whole school dressed up for Book Week. The theme for this year was “Australia: Story Country”. Students could come as something from the theme or another character from a book. Everyone in 4B dressed up and looked amazing.  The whole school took part in a parade and it was wonderful to see the different costumes and creative ideas from student (and parents).

During library time this term we have been reading a number of books from the Shortlisted books and last week we had the opportunity to vote on our favourite book. 4B’s favourite was “One step at a time” by Jane Jolley.

Throughout the whole school the 3-6’s selected Mr Huff by Anna Walker and the P-2’s selected “Piranhas Don’t eat bananas” by  Aaron Blabey.



What did you come dressed as for Book Week parade? Why?

What was your favourite book out of the shortlisted books? Why?

What was your favourite costume? Why?


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  1. Hey 4b
    I dressed up as the green involved pants from doctor sezz
    I drees up in that because I though it was funny siut.
    My favourite short listed was one step at a time and my favourite coustme was probably swiper on swiping
    Thanks Jemima

  2. Hello4b:) i dressed as Stephen Curry
    A B ball player 😀 my favourite part of the day was the parade whoooooooooooo

  3. Hi 4B,
    I dressed up as a netball player (GA) because I love netball. My favourite shortlisted book was mr huff I liked it because of the message and the pictures. Also my favourite character was Jemima’s because of the effort and it was funny.
    Thanks 4B Gracie

  4. Hi,
    I dressed up as an Australian army man from the army because my mum said it’s very Australiain. My favourite book was one step at a time because it had a good message. My favourite costume was swiper and the Dora’s
    Because it was realy funny.
    From taj#.

  5. Hi 4B I came as my pjs because mum said this year I can’t buy

  6. I really liked Finns costume because he had the Micky fanning hat when he dressed up as Mick fanning

  7. Hi, I dressed up as the big fat cow which went Capow. I dressed up as that because I like cows. My favourite costume was Jemima’s because it looked really cool and it was really different. My favourite short listed book was Mr Huff.

  8. Hey everyone, Archer here!
    For the book week parade I went as the Minotaur, (guy with bull head,) with a paper machè bull head, I went as the Minotaur because I really like Ancient Greek myths and that is what the Minotaur comes from. I didn’t really have a favorite costume because there were so many good ones. Finally my favorite shortlisted book was Mr Huff because it had a good morale.

  9. Hi 4B,
    This year I came as little red ridding hood.
    I came as this character because it was the only thing that came to my mind and I wanted to see what it was like.

  10. Dear 4B,
    I dressed up as Skullduggery pleasant, my favourite costume was Mr Phillips (the cow tripped over the moon) because it was one the short listed books. My favourite time of the day was the parade.

    From Billy

  11. Hi 4B,
    I went as little red riding hood because when I was little it was one of my favourite books.
    My favourite costume was Jemima’s because it had a lot of effort put into it.
    My favourite part of the day was the parade!

  12. This year i dressed up as hannah from pretty little liars because that is a very good book. My favourite costume was jemimas( invisible green pants) and gravies( netball player) i liked jemimas because it was funny and creative and i liked gracies because she was a netball player and i like netball. My favourite shortlisted book was mr. Huff because I
    liked the message

  13. Hey 4B
    I dressed up as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. My favourite costume was Jemima’s because it was cool and funny. My favourite book was Mr Huff because it had a strong message.

  14. Hi 4B,
    I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland because my mum found the costume last minute. My favourite costume was out of Swiper and The Green Involved Pants ’cause they were really realistic costumes.


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