Australian Folklore Performance


On Wednesday 17th August the 3-6 watched a Australian Folklore Performance.

We looked at what a folklore was and it involved a number of students to take part in the performance.

We sang songs and told stories about Australian animals and the dreamtime, the shearers from long ago, how to shear a sheep and we listened to students play the largerphone (which was how shearers entertained themselves).

We introduced the character in the song Waltzing Matilda (a swagman). Some students saw how fast they could dress the swagman and we talked about Australian heroes- Diggers, lifeguard, bush firefighter, Aussie cricketer and sang  Home among the gumtrees.

Can you see if you can match the Australian Folklore with its meaning?

Aust Folklore

What is Australian Folklore?

What was your highlight of the performance? Why?

What did you learn about folklore that you previously didn’t know?



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  1. i liked when Tommy got to be the swag guy and when he laughed he said “ha”


  2. i liked when Tommy got to be the swaggie and when he laughed he said “ha”


  3. Hi Archer here!
    Australian folklore is Australian stories from the past, my favorite part was the sheep shearing because the person made it quite funny, I learnt what folklore is and a bit more about Australia from the performance!

  4. My favourite part is when tommy was the swag man it was funny

  5. Hi 4b
    I wasn’t at the performance because I was at Matilda but looking at the pictures and th the comments I’m shore it was really funny.

    From Leila

  6. I liked it when we got to watch shearing the sheep and when we got to sing a song

  7. Hi 4B,
    My favourite part of the performance was when Tommy was the swagman because it was really funny!

  8. Hi 4B I liked when we watched the sheep shearing and when we sang the song learnt a bit of stuff that I did not know.


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