Olympic Opening Ceremony

Last Friday the whole school was involved in a special Olympic opening ceremony to celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Each class represented a different country and made flags and dressed up in the countries colours. Our Olympic ceremony included a parade of countries and athletes followed by formal proceedings before announcing the 2016 Rio games were open.

What was the highlight of the opening ceremony? Why?

What was your favourite activity with the grade 6’s? Why?


Australian Folklore Performance


  1. It looks like every one had lots of fun in there activities and at the ceremony.
    Great job for the heaps of effort lots of helpers put into the ceremony and activities!!
    Good job guys, keep it up!!

  2. I think when they released the doves was the best part because I didn’t think anything like that was going to happen and it surprised me.

  3. Hi 4B,
    My highlight of the olympics was when the birds came out and flew around.I also liked when Miss Both came on the motar bike.My favourite activity with the grade 6’s was the gymnastics.
    from Pippi

  4. When the pigeons filled the sky duh thats what everyone would say
    FACT: Pigeons are a symbol of PEACE☮

  5. I liked the dove part it startled me.

  6. my highlight was the doves and my favourite activity was the potato rolling.

  7. Dear 4B,
    I liked when the guy on the Harley came in with the torch.

  8. I liked when we released the Doves because I really wasn’t expecting it. I liked the gymnastics because I have always loved gym and I also love obstacle courses and I especially love them both together.

  9. My favourite part of the ceremony was when they released the doves because it felt like a real ceremony. My favourite activity was gymnastics because it was really fun to do.

  10. Dear 4B,
    My favourite part of the ceremony was when they released the doves because i didn’t think it was going to happen.

  11. Dear 4B,
    I liked the paper throwing because I could do whatever I wanted.

  12. Personally I liked the releasing of the doves because it was sort of random and I also liked how the doves circled us. My favourite activity was the potatoe rolling because it was a lot of fun, I also liked the paper challenge because it was something I had not done before.

  13. Hi 4B,
    My favourite part of the ceremony was when miss Booth came out on the motorbike and my favourite activity was the gymnastics.
    From Emi

  14. Dear Mrs Olsen,
    My favourite activity was hockey and the rebound net because I liked it because you get to hit the ball in the goals and also like rebound net because you hit the ball on the net with out letting it hit you

  15. Dear 4b my favourite part of the ceremony was when that dude came in to the oval with the motorbike and the Olympic torch‼️

  16. I liked when they relsesed the doves and when Mrs booth came out on a motel bike with the olmpic torch

  17. The highlights where probably the pigeons the mortobike and the torch. My favourite event was the gymnastics because it was fun going on the obstacles.

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