4B are looking at the character trait Teamwork.


Teamwork is about working together to achieve things as a group.

4B took part in a number of activities that tested their abilities in a team.

We had to work together to get the ball in the bucket using a catapult, make a piece of paper as long as possible and stacking cups using only string and a rubber band.

What did you learn about teamwork doing these activities?

Why is teamwork character trait important do you think?



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  1. It looks like you all had so much fun and you kept your task by working with eachother.

  2. I learned that teamwork is working together and trying to get it done as a group.

  3. I learnt that it is better to have more people in a group than less. I know this because me and Emi were working with the paper and we only just finished when the timer went off because we were in pairs.
    I think teamwork is important because you can finish work quicker and in a group another person might have a better idea than another.

  4. Teamwork is important because if you don’t you will end up by yourself.

  5. I learned that not everyone gets what they want
    It is very important

  6. Hi 4B I learnt that don’t just think about yourself
    When your in a group and because if you don’t do teamwork you’ll never finish the task. From taj da.

  7. I learned that teamwork is important because if you get stuck you have some people to help you and working with each other

    From Mackenzie

    August 8, 2016 - 9:20 am

    I learned that You need to work as a team to get things done quicker and the your bound become bigger

  9. I think teamwork is inportent because when you use teamwork you can get things done quicker with. It is also inportent because you can make new friends.

  10. I learned that everyone has a job to do.
    Teamwork is inportant because you can’t do everything by yourself .

  11. I like all how we all did together and we have fun in this school

  12. I learnt that team work helps you get the job done with swag and it’s important because it makes have more friends and other stuff but I won’t go there

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