4B’s Holidays

Can you figure out where 4B went to on their holidays?

Read the clues and see if you can guess what adventures 4B got up to on their holidays.


What clues did you think were really clever?


First Australians


  1. It was fun to guess what other people did and some were really hard to guess.

  2. I think the comments were very clever lots of them I could not guess


  3. Wow.All the pictures look amazingMy favourite picture was…all of them.I didn’t have a favourite.Well done 4B

  4. Very interesting!
    Great drawings and great clues!
    But some of the clues didn’t make sense.
    But besides that it was all good and I know you all put a lot of effort in to it! Great job!
    And keep it up!

  5. Hi 4b the pictures look good and looks like you had pretty good holidays.

    From Finn

  6. WOW I loved all the stories, oh, and by the way, happy birthday Pippi.

  7. Dear 4B,
    I think some of those questions are really hard to guess and the pictures are really detailed.

  8. To Mrs. Olsen
    My favorite was Meg’s because she had a good picture and it had good clues.

    From Greta

  9. Hm pretty good exept some people didnt have headings on the picture

  10. Hi everyone! I loved guessing and seeing what everybody did on their holidays! Some were a bit hard to guess what they were though!

  11. Hi Mrs Olsen,
    I liked looking at what other people did on their holiday. I liked Gracie’s, Meg’s and Lulu’s because I I liked there pictures because they were detailed and well drawn. But

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