First Australians

On Friday 17th June the grade 4’s were involved in an incursion about the First Australians. Cynda and Barry from History Box firstly spoke about the customs and cultural differences, hunting and food gathering differences between regions, different types of clothing that was worn and their different purposes, styles of Art work throughout the country and the colours used, the various toys and games children played with, artefacts and their purpose. Then the grade 4’s took part in a number of interactive activities such as making a clay animal, doll or toy, playing Ngaka Ngaka and making jewellery. Students also made a class artwork using their hands.



What did you learn about the First Australians that you didn’t already know in our incursion?

What was your highlight of the incursion?

How has your understanding of the history of Australia changed since beginning this term?


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  1. i like the picture most i like Aston he drawed a basketball player thanks I enjoyed

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