Over the last four weeks 4B has worked very hard on learning about fractions. We have learnt about fraction walls, equivalent fractions, improper fractions, mixed number fractions, fraction lines and fractions of a group.

Using our knowledge of fractions we worked on Fraction Avenue. The criteria was set out and they had to match their pictures to suit. They could be as creative as they liked.


Here are some examples of our Fraction Avenue work.

To demonstrate our knowledge of mixed number fractions we used the images from the book “Picture Pie” by Ed Emberley. We created our own animal pictures using fraction circles and worked out the fraction the picture was made up of using mixed number fractions.




Here are some examples of our Fraction Pictures.


What was your favourite activity we did when learning about fractions? Why?

How did the activities help you learn about fractions?

What did you learn about fractions?



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  1. I liked doing the picture pie because I liked being creating it and using my imagination and I liked tommys and archers
    From Gabe

  2. Dear 4B,
    Looks like you put a lot of effort into them they are great.
    From Billy

  3. Hey 4B i liked doing the pictures i did two trees, a sun, and a beautiful butter fly thats all see yeah.

  4. Hi 4b those fraction pictures were amazing
    An really cool

    From Finn

  5. I loved both tasks and they were all very creative keep up the good work

  6. Hi 4B,
    My favourite activity in fractions was fraction avenue because I liked drawing the houses and finding the fractions of things!!!!!!
    I loved doing fractions in maths!!!!

  7. Hi everyone
    Those activities were very fun. In my picture pie I did a cat two spiders and a walrus. It was very fun.
    From ginger

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