Maths with Mrs Hillbrick

On Tuesday afternoon Mrs Hillbrick came to teach 4B a mathematical mental strategy called working from the left using addition. We lucky dipped a ping pong ball to get our starting number, then we had to roll the dice to make a two digit number. Working with a partner 4B had to verbally say how they were working from the left to add tens and ones together. Once they got their answer they recorded a tally mark in the range that the answer was in.

 Working from the left

At the end of the lesson Mrs Hillbrick interviewed some students from 4B about what they learnt when using the strategy working from the left.

What did you learn about the strategy working from the left?

What was the highlight of Mrs Hillbrick’s lesson for you?

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  1. Hi 4B Taj da here my favorite part was figurine out the answers. Well thats all see yeah.

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