1. Dear Mrs Olsen,
    I liked Archer’s story and Pippi’s story. They both had humar and that’s why I liked them. I liked them all really though.

  2. Hi its flynn i fploved looking at what very on did on the holidays

  3. Wow that was awesome
    I saw a lot of effort go into all of those stories.
    They were all great very interesting and detailed and very entertaining to read.
    Good job guys!!!
    Keep it up!!

  4. My favourite story was taj days. It was really funny and it had lots of describing words.

    From Greta

  5. I liked tommys story because it was detailed and and long by Gabe

  6. I realy liked Greta’s because she didn’t use many boring words it was realy expressive and detail

    From Leila.

  7. Dear Mrs Olsen,
    My favorite one is Jemima because it has her personality in the
    Story but they were all great.
    From Gracie

  8. Hi Mrs Olsen and 4B
    I enjoyed when Mrs Hill brick coming in I enjoyed the thing with the inflatable microphone I also thought working from the left was an easy way to workout sums.

    From Ginger.

  9. Dear 4B,
    my favorite piece of writing was all of them.
    They are all different and that makes them unique and amazing. All of them had a were made in your style not anyone else’s. They were all amazing. I think you will all write other magnificent piece of writing.
    From Zoe

  10. Dear 4B,
    The stories are AMAZING! Sounds like every one had fun!

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