Science Term 4

This term in 4B we have been working an science unit about forces. Looking at how forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance.

We have conducted a range of experiments to develop our understanding of forces. Such as marshmallow shooters, matchbox car racers, gravity roller coasters, magnetic car racing tracks and designing our own catapults.



What have you enjoyed about science this term?

What have you learnt about forces this term?

What science concepts would you like to learn about next year? 

Book Week Parade 2016

On Thursday 25th August the whole school dressed up for Book Week. The theme for this year was “Australia: Story Country”. Students could come as something from the theme or another character from a book. Everyone in 4B dressed up and looked amazing.  The whole school took part in a parade and it was wonderful to see the different costumes and creative ideas from student (and parents).

During library time this term we have been reading a number of books from the Shortlisted books and last week we had the opportunity to vote on our favourite book. 4B’s favourite was “One step at a time” by Jane Jolley.

Throughout the whole school the 3-6’s selected Mr Huff by Anna Walker and the P-2’s selected “Piranhas Don’t eat bananas” by  Aaron Blabey.



What did you come dressed as for Book Week parade? Why?

What was your favourite book out of the shortlisted books? Why?

What was your favourite costume? Why?


Australian Folklore Performance


On Wednesday 17th August the 3-6 watched a Australian Folklore Performance.

We looked at what a folklore was and it involved a number of students to take part in the performance.

We sang songs and told stories about Australian animals and the dreamtime, the shearers from long ago, how to shear a sheep and we listened to students play the largerphone (which was how shearers entertained themselves).

We introduced the character in the song Waltzing Matilda (a swagman). Some students saw how fast they could dress the swagman and we talked about Australian heroes- Diggers, lifeguard, bush firefighter, Aussie cricketer and sang  Home among the gumtrees.

Can you see if you can match the Australian Folklore with its meaning?

Aust Folklore

What is Australian Folklore?

What was your highlight of the performance? Why?

What did you learn about folklore that you previously didn’t know?



Olympic Opening Ceremony

Last Friday the whole school was involved in a special Olympic opening ceremony to celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Each class represented a different country and made flags and dressed up in the countries colours. Our Olympic ceremony included a parade of countries and athletes followed by formal proceedings before announcing the 2016 Rio games were open.

What was the highlight of the opening ceremony? Why?

What was your favourite activity with the grade 6’s? Why?



4B are looking at the character trait Teamwork.


Teamwork is about working together to achieve things as a group.

4B took part in a number of activities that tested their abilities in a team.

We had to work together to get the ball in the bucket using a catapult, make a piece of paper as long as possible and stacking cups using only string and a rubber band.

What did you learn about teamwork doing these activities?

Why is teamwork character trait important do you think?



4B’s Holidays

Can you figure out where 4B went to on their holidays?

Read the clues and see if you can guess what adventures 4B got up to on their holidays.


What clues did you think were really clever?


First Australians

On Friday 17th June the grade 4’s were involved in an incursion about the First Australians. Cynda and Barry from History Box firstly spoke about the customs and cultural differences, hunting and food gathering differences between regions, different types of clothing that was worn and their different purposes, styles of Art work throughout the country and the colours used, the various toys and games children played with, artefacts and their purpose. Then the grade 4’s took part in a number of interactive activities such as making a clay animal, doll or toy, playing Ngaka Ngaka and making jewellery. Students also made a class artwork using their hands.



What did you learn about the First Australians that you didn’t already know in our incursion?

What was your highlight of the incursion?

How has your understanding of the history of Australia changed since beginning this term?



Over the last four weeks 4B has worked very hard on learning about fractions. We have learnt about fraction walls, equivalent fractions, improper fractions, mixed number fractions, fraction lines and fractions of a group.

Using our knowledge of fractions we worked on Fraction Avenue. The criteria was set out and they had to match their pictures to suit. They could be as creative as they liked.


Here are some examples of our Fraction Avenue work.

To demonstrate our knowledge of mixed number fractions we used the images from the book “Picture Pie” by Ed Emberley. We created our own animal pictures using fraction circles and worked out the fraction the picture was made up of using mixed number fractions.




Here are some examples of our Fraction Pictures.


What was your favourite activity we did when learning about fractions? Why?

How did the activities help you learn about fractions?

What did you learn about fractions?



Maths with Mrs Hillbrick

On Tuesday afternoon Mrs Hillbrick came to teach 4B a mathematical mental strategy called working from the left using addition. We lucky dipped a ping pong ball to get our starting number, then we had to roll the dice to make a two digit number. Working with a partner 4B had to verbally say how they were working from the left to add tens and ones together. Once they got their answer they recorded a tally mark in the range that the answer was in.

 Working from the left

At the end of the lesson Mrs Hillbrick interviewed some students from 4B about what they learnt when using the strategy working from the left.

What did you learn about the strategy working from the left?

What was the highlight of Mrs Hillbrick’s lesson for you?